The Latest Trends in the Las Olas Real Estate Market

The Latest Trends in the Las Olas Real Estate Market

  • Tim Singer
  • 07/5/22

Have you decided it's time to make your move to a location that promises year-round gorgeous weather and complements your active lifestyle? Maybe it is time to live in an area that maximizes your enjoyment of life with beautiful scenery and a flourishing community.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, home buyers are prioritizing health, wellness, family, home and lifestyle in choosing where they want to live. They want space, fresh air and outdoor activities. With a variety of housing options, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale and the neighborhoods near Las Olas provide all of that.

If you have visited Fort Lauderdale, there is a good chance you are reading this after having discovered the beautiful Las Olas Isles and the shops and fine restaurants of Las Olas Boulevard.  Can you imagine yourself spending more time here?  Wide sandy beaches, warm ocean water, gorgeous yachts, boutique shops, fun restaurants, and activities for the entire family now coexist in a place that used to be mostly for vacationers. Las Olas is a place people want to call home.

In South Florida, there often are inventory shortages when it comes to available homes ready for purchasing. In such times, when a specific geographic region becomes more popular, its total number of available houses will be limited. When you begin searching for Las Olas real estate, you may find it difficult to pinpoint a property that matches your exact wish list.

Finding and negotiating to purchase your perfect Fort Lauderdale home may require some intricate maneuvering. With the help and hyper-local expertise of a Tim Singer Team Member, you will soon be settling into your new home.

Luxury living has become popular in this idyllic city

We live in an era when people are relocating to cities that allow them to enjoy their new remote work arrangements and offer a much-desired change of scenery. In response to such emerging demands, places like the waterfront Las Olas neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale are becoming more and more sought-after.

Homes for sale in Las Olas and nearby neighborhoods offer you a place to live that has almost everything needed for a dynamic way of life. A recent building boom has created a very attractive housing stock of high-quality design and finishes built to stringent construction codes. The result is a mix of sophisticated new and updated homes. These homes are created to maximize space, light and livability. Most have open living areas that blend easily with the outdoors.

Are you a boater? Fort Lauderdale is laced with over 180 miles of scenic ocean access waterways. This makes it possible for you to live in a home where your boat, yacht, paddleboard, kayak or wave runner can be as close as your backyard. Tim Singer and his team will help you find the best property for your watercraft.

New construction happens slowly

Although it seems new buildings are popping up overnight, land acquisition, planning and construction often takes many months to complete. Thoughtfully chosen finishes, functional floor plans and integrating the latest technology takes time. Designer quality luxury homes can be worth the wait. Tim Singer and his team understand the build to suit process. They have long developed relationships with award winning local developers and architects. They have information on homes under construction but not yet on the market. If you decide to design and build for yourself, Tim and his team will work with you to identify land opportunities for your dream home.

Are you considering a condo? Many of the newest luxury condo buildings command incredible views of the Intracoastal Waterway, the New River and the Atlantic Ocean. Minutes from Las Olas, these first-rate properties feel more like luxury resorts than residential developments. Residents enjoy elegant doorman-attended lobbies, fabulous pools and sun bathing areas, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and lush landscaping surrounding the complex. Many offer beach cabana services, full-service spas and even restaurants on-site. With no maintenance problems to worry about, you can make your luxury condo into a home base that won't cramp your style.

In addition, a luxury condo is a ready-made solution for those who contemplated buying residential property but had little luck in their house hunts. Holding out for a brand-new residential build may take some time, so why put all your eggs in one basket? Work closely with your agent so you are notified of new construction projects and Las Olas real estate that has the potential to surpass your expectations.

Buyers want what they want — now — and sellers are waiting

As happens every few years, the real estate market is experiencing a notable change. Interest rates have increased significantly in the first half of 2022. The headlines scream that the real estate market is crashing and some run for cover. Experienced real estate and banking professionals see this as a normal and needed correction. Interest rates are returning to pre-pandemic levels. The advantages that seemed to belong only to sellers over the past year appear to be turning back toward a more equitable balance between buyers and sellers. Many potential buyers have decided to wait out the market. Others see this as an opportunity to negotiate a better price on their purchase with sellers who are reading the same headlines.

Tim Singer and his team understand the local market and will help you navigate the challenges of being a new buyer in an unfamiliar market. While cash offers usually have the advantage, a well-presented financed offer can carry just as much weight. Tim Singer and his team have a list of very qualified loan officers who can help you prepare for your offer and then provide financing at competitive rates and terms.

Having all of your documentation and contingencies in order will help you make your personal best offer. If your ducks are in a row, you can worry less and be confident you have not missed anything. In order to reach such a state of poise, your agent will help pilot you through your buying process and mitigate the risks of losing deals. With an expert on your side, you can hope for the best and at the same time be prepared for all possible contingencies of the home- or condo-buying process.

The typical seller expects to field multiple offers on their home, and sometimes, the number of offers reaches double digits. If you're selling property, be prepared to spend time reviewing the details of all incoming offers, which may differ in crucial respects. Ask your agent and/or attorney to counsel you through your offers because even the smallest-seeming contingencies can impact your net proceeds. Take your time and be certain you walk away from the table with the most profit.

There was a time when Americans moved west to meet their destinies. Long ago, people moving west faced a difficult journey with many complications along the way. They went on journeys in search of a future and a place where they could not just live but thrive. These days, many are making similar journeys to a metaphorical frontier of joy and happiness, and they're moving to quality-of-life locations like Fort Lauderdale and The Las Olas Isles.

If it's time for you to thrive by purchasing a home in Las Olas, Tim Singer is happy to be your guide on this journey.

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