Five Reasons

Five Reasons

  • Tim Singer
  • 04/26/23

5 of the Top Reasons to Call South Florida Home


The reasons to move to South Florida could easily fill up this entire website and then some. Don’t believe us? Just ask any local what they love about living here and you’ll likely be greeted with a very, very long-winded and friendly answer.


But, for the sake of keeping this as concise as possible, there are a few aspects of South Florida living that particularly stand out. Here are five of them:


#1: The weather. If you’re a warm weather person versus those that love a nice blizzard/snowstorm/icy mess, then South Florida is totally your jam. Sure, it can get a bit steamy here in the June through August timeframe, but otherwise, count on high temps hovering in the upper-70s to mid-80s year-round. Come snowbird season – typically October through April – there is a reason why so many northerners flock to our southern confines. And, that reason is the weather. Everyone loves it.


#2: The culture. South Florida is a true melting pot of cultures near and far. Its proximity to the Caribbean, Central America and South America makes it a diverse, cultural utopia like no other on planet Earth. Locally, you can experience this flair on a daily basis, via our various cultural centers, amazing restaurants, fairs and festivals and so much more. There is always an avenue for branching out and experiencing something new.


#3: The cities. South Florida is far from a “one city” oasis. Sure, Miami may get a lot of the love for its cosmopolitan vibe – it is very well deserved. But, from Fort Lauderdale’s canal-draped nooks, West Palm Beach’s stately oceanside residences, Boca Raton’s elegant flair to Hollywood’s boardwalk, there are so many towns to be wowed by. Pro-tip: With the Brightline and Tri-Rail train systems and with shuttle options aplenty, accessing our beautiful towns has never been easier.


#4: Its international access. In addition to all the cultural fun South Florida offers, it serves as an awesome jumping off point, too. Here, you have incredible access to airports for international travel including executive airports, Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport, all within a 75-mile span. For events – including concerts, sporting events and everything in between – this stretch is an absolute hotspot, too.


#5: The geography. Ahhhhh, swoon. Sure, we have miles upon miles of white sand beaches and delightfully warm waters. That’s a given. But there are so many lakes, canals, waterways and the Intracoastal to navigate and enjoy as well. We have The Everglades, too, which is a trail-loaded, wildlife-draped utopia made to be explored. There’s biking, golf, tennis, pickleball, sports fields and so much more, all of which can be enjoyed year-round. Again, we can go on and on.


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