9 Reasons to Relocate to Las Olas

9 Reasons to Relocate to Las Olas

  • Tim Singer
  • 04/18/23

Welcome to Las Olas, Florida, a beautiful neighborhood nestled among the finest of everything Florida has to offer. From luxury Las Olas homes to high-end boutiques and a wide selection of restaurants, this quaint paradise has it all. The city is named after the Spanish phrase for “The Waves,” a moniker earned for its proximity to the coast. Las Olas, however, has much more to offer than sandy white beaches and a relaxing soak under the sun. Here are the top nine reasons people relocate to Las Olas and why you should consider it too.

Perfect for families

Las Olas is a great community to raise a family because of the numerous opportunities available in Broward County. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or high-quality living, you’ll have everything you want and need in Las Olas. Adults and children alike always find something to do and enjoy, and the weather makes it easier to spend quality time together.

There are also lots of great public schools to choose from, including Somerset Miramar South, Coral Springs Charter School, and the College Academy at Broward College. If you’re looking for private schools, nearby options include the Pine Crest School at the Fort Lauderdale Campus, Westminster Academy, and St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Healthier lifestyles

With warmer weather comes better opportunities for healthier living. Las Olas lends itself to plenty of athletic and recreational activities, including but not limited to swimming, jogging, biking, skating, hiking, and even boating. There are numerous beaches and natural parks to enjoy the fresh air and get your body moving. Not only that, but the local restaurants also offer a wide array of healthier meals with fewer calories and processed ingredients. It’s significantly easier to stay fit and healthy when you have the means to do so right at your fingertips.

Las Olas is also home to several gyms and fitness centers if you’d rather work out indoors or stretch out your muscles with guided yoga. Las Olas Yoga and RoxFire Fitness are two great centers to consider.

Warm, sunny weather

The climate is perhaps one of the most popular reasons people relocate to Las Olas, as it’s warm year-round and rarely drops below 40 degrees. The summers are long and characterized by damp humidity and sweltering heat, but the winters are comfortable and clear with lower humidity levels and some wind. Temperatures rarely exceed 92 degrees, even during the peak of summer. The ideal time for outdoor activities is anywhere between early November and early May when the temperatures are on the cooler end and the humidity levels are relatively low. For those looking to escape the snow and icy cold winters, Las Olas is a dream destination.

Dozens of restaurants

No city is complete without restaurants, and there’s no better place for a diverse selection of cuisine than Las Olas. Embark on a new culinary adventure with Argentinian fare at the Argentino, or take a flavorful trip to the east with Japanese cuisine at Sushi Rock. You’ll also find Cuban staples at the Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar and classic Mexican meals at El Camino. If you’d like something a little closer to home, there are dozens of American restaurants and sports bars, including the Big City Tavern, Wild Sea, and American Social.

Vibrant nightlife scene

Even when the sun sets and the night begins to cool, the party never stops at Las Olas. Nocturnal and fun-loving residents can enjoy midnight yacht tours or liven up the night with a refreshing cocktail at Infinity Lounge. Dance and party hard at the Hidden Garden nightclub, then wind down and relax with another drink at the O Lounge. The Las Olas nightlife scene is sure to keep you on your toes.

Rich art and culture all around

If you have an eye for art and discovering history and culture, Las Olas doesn’t lack in either department. The city and surrounding region are home to esteemed art galleries, museums, and fashion boutiques whose designs lean more toward an artistic, subversive nature. The people of Las Olas certainly don't lack ingenuity and refinement!

Plenty of amenities nearby

There is so much to do in Las Olas. Shopping lovers enjoy access to dozens of luxury boutiques and high-end shopping centers stocked with the finest goods. Professional and amateur golfers may also try their skills at one of the area’s golf courses and private clubs. Of course, if you’re the type to enjoy splashing around in the sea, you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities on the beach, such as surfboarding, volleyball, diving, and swimming. The city also offers boat and yacht tours if you’d rather marvel at the vastness of the ocean on a deck with an ice-cold drink in hand.

Transportation and walkability

Las Olas is a city with average walkability and reliable public transportation, but most errands require a car. Public transportation options include trolleys like the Sun Trolley and the Brightline train service that runs between West Palm Beach and Miami Beach.

Enjoy the beauty and luxury of Fort Lauderdale

Located in the Fort Lauderdale area, Las Olas offers its residents the major benefit of enjoying everything the rest of the region has to offer. Downtown is only a short drive away, and dozens of other neighborhoods are within driving distance. It’s the ideal location for people who want the full experience of city life, and luxury living wrapped up into one.

Ready to enter the Las Olas real estate market?

To learn more about Las Olas real estate, reach out to real estate expert Tim Singer. Ranked among the top ten realtors in Florida in 2021 and with over $120 million in sales volume that same year, Tim is a certified elite with extensive knowledge of Las Olas homes and the adjacent neighborhoods. Whatever you need, Tim is here to help. Connect with him today for more information.

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