4 Qualities of a Great Fort Lauderdale Realtor

4 Qualities of a Great Fort Lauderdale Realtor

  • Tim Singer
  • 04/21/23

If you are planning to buy or sell real estate in the Fort Lauderdale area this year, you already know you have a number of decisions to make. Fort Lauderdale is composed of numerous desirable neighborhoods, whether you are considering Las Olas or Victoria Park real estate. One important consideration, however, is the real estate agent you hire to support you. A great agent will demonstrate certain qualities that ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Read on to discover the qualities your realtor should demonstrate before you sign on the dotted line.

Communication skills

Your real estate agent should demonstrate clear, professional communication skills. You should never feel left in the dark about where in the process you are or feel as if you’re not being given clear answers.

Real estate goals

When you first meet with a realtor, they should start by asking you questions about your real estate goals. Whether you are buying or selling your luxury home, your realtor should be inquiring about your timelines, finances, and preferences. This will also help when it comes down to the transaction itself. A realtor who is well-versed in your goals will be able to serve as a strong negotiator and advocate for you and your property.

Clear, direct communication

A great realtor should ask you about your preferred communication style, whether it is by phone call, text, or email, and commit to communicating with you in that manner. You should expect timely responses to your questions and updates on your property. They should not only be easy to contact but easy to interact with, too. Your realtor should be courteous, professional, and direct. You should be aware of exactly what is going on with your property, whether something positive or negative has occurred.

Extensive knowledge base

Your realtor should demonstrate knowledge of the city and its neighborhoods. They should also be able to demonstrate an established portfolio.

Knowledge of area

Your realtor should not only be familiar with Fort Lauderdale but show their understanding of its different neighborhoods too. For example, Victoria Park real estate consists of homes with traditional architecture and a wealth of stately palm trees. Your realtor should be able to compare this to the luxury homes in Las Olas, many of which offer options for homeowners to dock their yachts in the canals adjacent to their property. Expect your realtor to speak to local amenities, outdoor recreation, school system, and transportation options available too.

Proven track record

Not only should your realtor demonstrate an understanding of Fort Lauderdale, but they should also be able to show their track record. Ask to see their portfolio of current listings and home sales in this area. You should see a record of homes that are similar to yours, as the luxury market is a unique niche in the industry. Don’t hesitate to request referrals or ask to see testimonials speaking to their expertise and efficacy. Check their list of credentials and whether they specialize in areas specific to your needs.

Market savvy

Your realtor’s understanding and knowledge of the national and local markets will also have an impact on your transaction.


Your real estate agent should demonstrate an understanding of the national market and how it may affect your purchase. Interest rates have been fluctuating over the past year, and this may affect your total purchase price and financing options. Your realtor should also speak to the trends of the Fort Lauderdale market. If it is a buyer’s market, homes tend to stay listed longer, and you will feel pressured to make quick decisions. Your realtor will also be able to help guide you with regard to any concessions you would like to request with the purchase.


Expect your real estate agent to provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) for your property. A CMA is based on an analysis of other comparable listings in the area in order to provide you with the most appropriate price range for your luxury home. Your realtor’s understanding of the market and potential buyers in Fort Lauderdale will also be helpful regarding your preparation for listing. Your realtor will know what potential buyers are looking for, so you will know if any updates should be considered ahead of time.

Solid marketing plan

Ask your realtor to share their marketing plan with you and make sure it’s professional and has multiple tiers.

Professional quality

Your real estate agent should plan on enlisting other professionals for every step of the process. For sellers, this may include the thoughtful use of staging throughout your home. For buyers, this may include putting you in contact with inspectors, contractors, or designers. Professional photography should be employed, including the use of drones and twilight shots highlighting luxury homes at their finest. You may also be viewing or adding a virtual tour online, one tailored to provide a real, positive first impression to out-of-town buyers.

Multi-tiered approach

Your realtor’s marketing plan should include online presentations, as this is where the majority of buyers start their home search. Expect to see a social media campaign for your home, along with printed mailers, magazine layouts, and direct invitations to buyers. Sellers should expect to see the plan to reach potential buyers outside of the Fort Lauderdale area, ensuring that your home is viewed by as many people as possible. For buyers, your realtor may also be able to guide you to homes not on the traditional market based on their network of connections.

As you move forward with your real estate transaction this year, be sure to hire a realtor who demonstrates these four qualities. If your realtor has strong communication skills, a deep knowledge of the area, an understanding of the real estate market, and a solid marketing campaign, you will be in a better position to buy a home you love or sell your existing home quickly. When you are ready to start the process, consider the expertise of Tim Singer and his team. They specialize in luxury real estate, whether you are interested in buying a home in Victoria Park or have a Las Olas house for sale. Contact Tim Singer | Coldwell Banker to get more information today.

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