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Rio Vista

Fort Lauderdale’s Beautiful Rio Vista 

The always welcoming Rio Vista. Source: Rio Vista Civic Association


A historic neighborhood that's full of life 

Just south of Downtown, Rio Vista is a gorgeous section of Fort Lauderdale that is highly favored by families. This serene neighborhood is characterized by beautiful, tree-lined streets that harken back to the days of yesteryear.


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After World War I, there were only about 2,000 people living in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks in part to new transportation advancements, many different sections – including Rio Vista – quickly started growing. By 1923, the neighborhood had put in more than 5,000 feet of sidewalks along with streetlights. The area was further augmented when World War II ended and many servicemen decided to settle there.


Living in Rio Vista

Just about 2,800 people live in Rio Vista. It’s an active community and you’re as likely to see a boat docked in the backyard as you are a car in a driveway. 


Real Estate

One of the oldest sections of Fort Lauderdale, Rio Vista is home to many beautiful old houses as well as some newly-developed models. The median price for a home is right around $560,000.



Bethany Christian School is the only school that actually resides in Rio Vista, and it offers classes from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Just north of the neighborhood is Happyland Day School, which provides classes and activities for kids age two up until the kindergarten level, along with summer camps.


Things to Do

Rio Vista is primarily a residential neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean you won’t discover things to do. You’ll just need to venture a little outside of the area …



The Southport Shopping Center is just a little south of Rio Vista and contains nearly 50 shops and restaurants. There you’ll find clothing, groceries, gifts, and pretty much anything else you need.



Because so much of Rio Vista is on the water (Rio Vista means “river view” in Spanish), it makes sense that the cuisine in the area leans heavily toward seafood. To get your fill of fresh fish, shellfish, and other animals from the sea, you have a lot of choices, including Boatyard, Kelly’s Landing, and 15th Street Fisheries. If you enjoy creative dining, you can visit the farm-to-table restaurant Market 17


The view at 15th Street Fisheries is almost as good as the food. Source: Yelp



Rio Vista is an especially great place for boat owners, and the Lauderdale Yacht Club is the perfect place to keep a vessel. Even if you’re not much of a sailor, the club offers other amenities, including a fitness center, tennis courts, and fun family-oriented events.

If you have some little ones, they’ll love Funderdome. This indoor playground features a climbing wall, laser maze, arcade, and much more.

Want to catch a flick? You can head just west of Rio Vista to Cinema Paradiso, a church that’s been converted into a theater that shows independent films. 


Cinema Paradiso is home to the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival and other regular film events. Source: Cinema Paradiso



Rio Vista is so lush with natural foliage; the whole neighborhood is like one big park. But if you want to visit an actual park, you also have some options. You can take a trip over to little Abreu Park or head south to Cliff Lake Park. The latter has gorgeous lake views you can take in from the shore or a boat, and you can also do some fishing there.


Whether you love the water or just want an exceptional place to raise your family, Rio Vista could be the perfect Fort Lauderdale neighborhood for you. If you would like to learn more about finding your dream home in this area, or nearby hotspots like of Las Olas, Victoria Park, Coral Ridge, Downtown, or the Beach, get in touch with Tim Singer & Associates today at 954-463-1373 or through our online contact form.